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9th March

Meet my Cousin Bruce Bear.
While I am in Arizona, he is standing in for me on a visit to India. I can’t be everywhere at once!

His passport has come through and he has his Visa!

You will be able to read about him in my Blog, which we will share.

He has a happy smile and nice long arms for good cuddles!


7th March

Today I am off to Arizona, to attend a wedding. Do you like my wedding outfit?

2nd March

Today I met with the lovely ladies of the South Queensferry WRI. Their theme was “Knit and Natter” so I nattered about ‘Teddies for Tragedies’

Some people asked for patterns, but as some were just starting to learn to knit, they are going to wait until they are more confident!

It was a good visit!

It all helps to spread the word.

I am having a fund raising coffee morning on 24th March, to raise money to buy materials etc.

10am – 12 midday in St Andrew’s Hall at Queensferry Parish Church. Everyone is welcome!

Some of my forthcoming dates: March – A wedding in Arizona. Also in March – Helping Guides learn to knit so they can make a blanket to donate, and of course my Coffee Morning in March.

In June I am going to another wedding. It’s a good job I have a nice dress and wedding hat!

In August I am attending the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

Now, does anyone else want to take me anywhere, please?

28th February

Today I had a photo shoot with some of the volunteers who knit Teddies and Blankets, and sew Teddy Bags.

This was for the Queensferry Gazette, and we were told it would be in this Friday – (which it was!)

I will add a copy of the photo later.

I also have an article in the local free “Queensferry Life” magazine which goes to every household, about ‘Teddies for Tragedies’.

I spoke to the lady in the local shop Allium, and she is going to start selling the brown wool we need to knit the heads and paws of the Teddies, and also the safe stuffing to make them huggable!