Meet Heather Bear

Meet Heather Bear

On 30th April, Heather Bear accompanied Norma and Laurie Brown to Jupiter, Florida, to stay with a friend of theirs, Dr Lorraine, who is a Vet.

Lorraine is also involved in a lot of animal charity work. One of her interests is with ‘ARF’ – the Animal Rescue Force, who take in and re-home unwanted pets. Lorraine gives free treatment to any sick or injured pets and often takes them in to her own home to recover until fit for adoption.

Heather went to see what it is all about.

She met Robert and Melissa who also work there with Lorraine (who is in the middle with Heather), and had a look at some of the cats and dogs who had arrived at the centre, waiting to be adopted.

And she had fun playing hide and seek!

Heather also did some sightseeing while in Florida.

She visited a local historic park and found an old sugar cane press.


And nearly got stuck when she had a look to see if there was any sugar cane in it!

She also went to see her very first Baseball game!

There were hardly any supporters for that game!

Then she went up to the Kennedy Space Centre.

and was amazed at the size of things!

Her next visit was to St Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied city in America, begun by Europeans, in 1565, and said to have lots of ghosts!

She took a Trolley tour to see the sights.

Then she drank from ‘The Fountain Of Youth’. This is in a National Park, in the area where St Augustine began

and went to see the St Augustine Lighthouse which has 219 steps to the top!

On her return to Jupiter, she went to the beach and saw where turtles have started to lay their eggs.

Heather decided that she wanted to stay in Jupiter, Florida, to help Dr Lorraine with her work.

So she didn’t come home!

Lorraine also crocheted a colourful blanket and donated it to Norma for ‘Teddies for Tragedies’.


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