Meet Benji Bear.

Meet Benji Bear

As Bruce Bear decided to stay in India, to comfort a very sick child, I needed another cousin to step in for me. I was going to be in Canada while I was requested to go to Girls Brigade Camp.

So Bruce 2, re named ‘Benji’ (by the Girls Brigade) volunteered to be the first boy in G.B.Camp!


In May 2012, when the 46th and 7th Edinburgh & Lothians Girls’ Brigade went on camp, they brought with them a new recruit – Benji Bear (the first ever boy to go on GB camp!)

All the girls and Benji had a fantastic time – here are some of their photos.


 We stayed in New Lanark Youth hostel – here is Benji at our opening night payers


                      On the Saturday we went to New Lanark Heritage Centre –

Benji really enjoyed his ride at the Annie McLeod Experience!

We went to the roof top garden, and Benji really enjoyed finding out how the wool he is made from, comes from the mill!

Can you spot Benji in the schoolroom in New Lanark, or in the interactive play area? (Did the girls sleep very much on Friday night?)

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Falls of Clyde, where we told Laura the ranger all about Teddies for Tragedies. She told us all about badgers and Benji saw some Peregrine Falcon chicks that had just hatched.

On Sunday morning we told the Minister of St. Nicholas, Lanark all about Benji!

We all then went to the Time Capsule to go swimming – but I’m afraid Benji just had to have a coffee with one of the leaders – and we couldn’t even take a photo…

Benji is now really looking forward to visiting Butterfly World with the GB Explorers!


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