Claire’s Adventures in Canada, May 2012

Claire Bear’s Trip to Canada  May 2012

4th May I Checked in for Air Transat flight to Toronto with Herbie and Catherine Lambe. I had a very good flight and introduced myself to the cabin crew who were very interested inTeddies for Tragedies’.

 5th May  I went to the African Lion Safari, with Scott and Haden, where I met some interesting animals!

I was a bit scared of this guy!

6th May We went Knox Presbyterian Church in Oakville. The minister at Knox is Rev Mike Marsden who is a friend of our minister, Rev David Cameron.

Later we went to watch Scott learning to swim. I thought it was a  bit wet for me to try!

11th May We all went up north to Huntsville, Ontario, where we stayed at the
Holiday Inn.

  Scott invited us to a very special Queen’s Jubilee Party so I put on my best dress for the occasion!

12th May  Today we all went for a short hike to
Arrowhead Provincial Park.

There were too many Black flies and not a Moose to be seen!

I had my backpack on and my new Canadian sweatband!

13th May Went up to Lion’s Lookout in Huntsville. I really liked the view.

16th May  Scott took me to his school!

17th May  At Toronto Airport, on the way home I met the only Moose I saw in Canada!

 I had a wonderful time in Canada with the Lambe’s!


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