Claire’s Jubilee Lunch, 1st June 2012

I was invited to a Queen Elizabeth ‘Jubilee’ Lunch on 1st June,held by the
Stewart’s Melville FP Club, in the Stewart’s/Melville Pavilion,
Ferryfield, Edinburgh.
I had to wear ‘Red, White and Blue’ and I got my Tiara out of the safe for
this special occasion!

Everyone is deciding where to sit

Well I’m going to sit here!

Everyone is having  great time!

“Can I have ‘Philip of Salmon in a Queenie Sauce’ please”?
Everyone knows Bears love Salmon!

I’m going to enjoy this, I’m starving.
All I’ve had is a glass of Pimms when I first came in!

Here’s a couple of ‘boys’ I picked up on the way here!

With my new friends. I think they might be the Guests of Honour!

I had a great time and so did ‘Her Majesty’. She said she liked my Tiara!!


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