24th May, Claire’s Trip To London

   On the 24th of May, I went down to London, by train, with Queensferry High School Dance Crew.

I made lots of new friends.


As soon as I get off the train, I am  going to ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’ so I wore my dance costume to travel.

                      Unfortunately Louis Spence was not there so I didn’t get to meet him. This made me sad!

After dancing, I went to
the Pineapple shop, but they didn’t have anything in my size, so I just sat outside and waited for everyone.

After Pineapple Studios, I went to the hotel where I was going to stay for the night.
It was the Travelodge at Covent Garden!

But I had to wait to get my room! I
did a lot of ‘waiting’.

When I finally  got into the hotel,  I had to get a lift up to the sixth floor, where my room was.

The view of London, from my room.

I had  a ticket to go to the Victoria London Palace Theatre to see ‘Billy Elliot’ that evening, so I decided to ‘dress up’.

Cameras were not allowed in the Theatre, so I could not take any photos.

I returned home the next day, tired but happy.


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