Me and the Olympic Torch Relay at Hopetoun Estate! 13th June 2012

I was invited to watch the Olympic Torch Ceremony being held in Hopetoun Estate.
John Beaton of South Queensferry, was running the final section.

The crowd waited in anticipation!

First came the leading procession,
with Horse and Carriages,

then came the rest of the procession …..

….. followed by John, carrying the Torch.

He climbed the steps and lit the beacons.

Then he posed for photos!

It was a very proud day for his family

Then he ran back down the steps

and made his way towards the gate, symbolising the continuing journey of the Flame towards London.

Gradually the crowds subsided and I made my way home, tired, but happy, and grateful to have had the chance to see this.

The next day, to add to the excitement, I was invited by Joyce Faulkner, South Queensferry, who carried the torch in Dunfermline, to pose for a photo with her torch.

Thank you Joyce!


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