10th September 2012. Team GB- Olympic Athletes London Parade

My friend Ray, having been a Games Master at the London Olympics, was invited to the Parade of 800 Team GB Olympic Athletes in London on 10th September. He asked if I would like go with him.


In search of a train. I am really looking forward to yet another trip to London especially on a train.


Lovely sunrise as the train crossed the Forth Bridge.
I love the sound as the train rolls over this wonderful structure.
Please can I throw a penny out of the window?


Saluting the Union Jack flying over Admiralty Arch.

The area from Admiralty Arch to the Mall was a ticketed area for groups who made an invaluable contribution to the Games and the success of the Athletes.
These include volunteers, members of the blue light services, military personnel, Team GB and Paralympics GB coaches and support staff, friends and family of the athletes, as well as groups of schoolchildren from London boroughs. Also me!


Games Makers and me patiently waiting for the ‘Team GB’.
(He looks bored!)


     “Oh! Aint they just loverly”


Me getting chummy with two new friends – the one on the left took part in the Olympic Opening Ceremony and the one on the right took part in the Closing Ceremony for the Paralympics. Both still in costume!


“Rule Britannia!!”


Hooray!! Here they come – Look at those shiny medals.


And they just kept coming!!


Do you remember these from the Opening Ceremony – they formed a ring around the athletes when they arrived in the Olympic Stadium.


Gosh! I wonder if I could have an outfit like that – will have to speak to Norma when I get home – ha!ha!

Thank you for taking me Ray, next stop Glasgow!


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