Queensferry Parish Church, Teddy Blessing Service, 28th October 2012

On 28th October there was a ‘Blessing Service’ in Queensferry Parish Church,  for 687 teddies, made and donated by wonderful volunteers, who care enough to do something to help children who have very little.

500 teddies in bags are on their way to Malawi. The remaining 167 teddies will be sent elsewhere in the Spring. the 59 blankets and 18 puppets will go to Eastern Europe.

A mountain of 687 teddies and Teddy bags, 59 blankets and 18 teddy puppets

A close up!

Each teddy has it’s own drawstring ‘teddy bag’

The teddies were spread around the church to allow the congregation to participate

There were teddies everywhere!

Teddies in baskets for the children to give a ‘Hug of Love’ to send to the children in Malawi

All the congregation will be asked to give a ‘hug of love’ to the teddies.

Teddies upstairs waiting for ‘hugs’

Teddies absailing from the balcony to join their friends!

Norma Brown, Co-ordinator, tells the congregation about the wonderful volunteers, where the teddies are going, and an update on Claire’s Adventures.

He wants to give his hug now!

The children give their ‘Hugs of Love’

Dr Peter tells about his experience with Bruce Bear in Punjab, India, when he worked with Slum Doctors (read about this lower down in the Blog).

It was a wonderful response, a wonderful day, and a  wonderful service!


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