Mary’s Visit to Aberdeen University- May 2013

In May, I was invited by Kirsty to experience Student life in Aberdeen University. She is studying English and Anthropology!

I thought I was going to be drinking beer and eating beans, but it was not like that at all! Kirsty is a sensible student, or maybe she was warned not to lead me astray!

First I had to help Kirsty write a religious essay. I have been working so hard my ribbon has come undone and I am ready to drop!


We went to Bridge of Don Baptist Church, where I made some new friends. I found their welcome magazine very interesting.


Kirsty said I should join the Role Play Society.
It was fun, but don’t ask me what I was meant to be doing!


Here we are outside Kings College, in Aberdeen, it is huge!



I found Joe on the beach. He is a Buddhist Monk! He was so happy to meet me!

061 - Copy

Thank you Kirsty, for a lovely time. I found it very interesting. Bears don’t normally get to go to University! Anytime you need more help with your essays, just call me!


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