Ferry Fair 2013

August 10th 2013 saw the end of the celebration week of the annual ‘Ferry Fair’, culminating in the crowning of the Ferry Fair Queen. This was preceded by a procession including decorated floats, through Queensferry.

This year there was a ‘Teddies for Tragedies’ float!


This was to spread awareness of the way in which ‘Teddies for Tragedies’ is helping children in distress or suffering from some sort of trauma caused by man-made or natural disasters.

Almost a year of planning and preparation went in to this float.


One evening, with plenty ‘helpers’, went in to the actual creating of the float, followed by early morning, last minute preparation on the day and again plenty ‘helpers’.


The float, donated by the Scouts (their trailer) was decorated with over 100 knitted Teddies, and blankets, hats, scarves and puppets all knitted by generous donators for charity, and posters showing children receiving teddies.Image

The main tableau was several large teddies dressed as ‘people, eg an old lady with grey curls, an old man with waistcoat and ‘bunnet’, a schoolboy with squint tie, a lady with flowery hat and necklace.

 All were busy knitting teddies, although the ‘old man’ had fallen asleep trying to put teddies into the ‘teddy bags’.


On the back of the float were two giant knitted teddies waving to the public, and on the front were a set of giant knitting needles and a giant ball of wool.



The car, a Discovery jeep,  donated by  for the day,  was decorated with knitted blankets, an attempt at ‘yarn bombing’ which was difficult, due to the need to have access in and out of the car, and awkward sizing, however it looked good on the day.

After the event, the knitting was made into 6 blankets for donation.


Leading the float, was, seated precariously a large teddy clutching some teddies and displaying some of the knitted items, eg Beanie hat, scarf, and teddy puppets.



300 information leaflets were handed out during the procession. Only 4 people responded to these and were contacted, however one wanted to learn to knit and another already knew of the cause and had teddies to donate. The other two wanted more information. No new volunteers came forward which is a bit disappointing.

However we all had a great day and the sun shone for us!


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