My Adventures in Ireland, By Mary Bear

In July, I was invited to go to Northern Ireland
with my friend Sheena.

We went to the Giant’s Causeway. It was very interesting!


I was exhausted after climbing on the Giant’s Causeway,
some of it is so high, those giants must have been BIG!


Sheena took me on the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. I am glad she is holding on to me tight as I was a bit wobbly up there, but I didn’t like being on the edge and looking down.



I sat on a cannon on Derry’s walls. I’m glad no-one comes to fire it!ImageImage

We visited an old church in the the Ulster Folk Museum and after sitting in the pew, I went to have a look from the pulpit.
It was high up. Maybe I could be a minister!

I also visited the Titanic Dry dock. It made me think about all the  people who drowned. I hope there were no teddy’s on that ship!



I am glad Claire Bear always comes home safely from her cruises!

Thank you Sheena for a lovely adventure!


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