Kirkliston Teddy Appeal – 2014

kirkliston church

Kirkliston Church appealed to its parishioners for 500 Teddies for Tragedies to send to Syrian Refugee Children, after a visit to their camps by their Minister Reverend Maggie Lane. Reverend Lane visited these camps with a small number of teddies, earlier in the year, and saw firsthand the reaction from the children when given one of these teddies. Realising the value of them, she came back and issued this challenge to her congregation.


Queensferry donated 250 of our teddies to help towards their target. They had such good response that they were able to send 900 Teddies to the Syrian Children, through the Charity ‘Tearfund. A wonderful offering!


They had a Blessing Service in October, which was quite emotional.

(We had to keep our Teddies (in the bags) separate as we needed them for our own Service the following week, after which we gave them back!)

We liked their idea of hanging them around the Church, from a rope so much we used it ourselves for our own Blessing Service. We even borrowed Kirkliston’s rope!


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