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    After much searching, I am excited to announce that I have found a contact, who has a contact, going to and from Nepal, and she is looking for donations of knitted or crocheted hats, scarves, gloves/mitts and blankets for children and Adults, in preparation for the looming cold Winter.


I have pledged some of our donations which I am sure no one will object to and am busy sorting out hats and blankets as I write! (well, not at the same time!)


She has asked,no light colours please as it is very dirty out there and it won’t take long for things to get  grubby. She also would like some of our teddies, again, no light colours.


Please contact me at  if you would like to help. I have patterns available.


Fundraising Coffee Morning, May 30th- 2015, by Norma, Co-ordinator.

Our Fundraising Teddies for Tragedies Coffee Morning went well this year, despite competition from several other events the same day – I do pick the wrong dates, don’t I, but still I was happy, as you can see from my smile!P1030103

I am very grateful for all the help and support I received from, June, my assistant and right hand woman, and my three door ladies, who did admirably!


The Tombola went well and thank you for the help there too, as well as the important donations, without which we couldn’t have a Tombola!

Thank you to my kitchen ladies for their baking donations and help with the teas etc, vital to a coffee morning!P1030101

Thank you all who donated so generously for the Cake ‘n’ Candy stall and to my two lovely daughters and lovely daughter-in-law who helped to sell the goodies. Thank you to my sons who helped with baking and helped to clear up in the kitchen and hall, and thank you to my husband who did lots!  In fact thank you everybody, I hope I have missed no-one out!

This is beginning to sound like an Oscar Award speech!


Thank you to everyone who baked and donated, who came and supported, and those who couldn’t make it but gave generous donations to compensate. We raised a final grand total of £436.96, which will help enormously with the expense of the fabric to make 500-600 drawstring bags to keep the teddies (1 each) cosy and safe when they reach their new homes! It also helps with promotion costs, and inks for the many patterns I print off!