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My Paralympic Adventure – 29thAug/2ndSep 2012

I was invited to the Paralympics in London, by my friend Eileen Case. I was thrilled at the thought of going, as it made my whole Olympic Adventure even greater!


It was nice to see some familiar sights from my earlier Olympic visit, such as the Orbit Tower, and ‘Manderville’, who was now on display!


I enjoyed getting to know some of the ‘Games Makers’, they were very friendly and helpful.


The first thing we went to see was the swimming, but I was too high up and felt a bit dizzy!was scared I was going to fall into the water – have you ever smelled a wet bear? I knew I wouldn’t drown as there were lots of people in the water who would save me!


I had to have a rest in the wildflower garden, to recover!


We then went to the main arena, which was huge!


There were a lot of people in the arena and I made friends with some of them.


I kept hoping I would see myself on the screen, but it didn’t happen, I guess I was too small for the camera to notice me!


We had some good seats near the front and I got excited when I saw David Weir get his first Gold medal,

and then Richard Whitehead.


It was so hot, the next day I was glad to get out of my hoodie and into my dress. It felt so much better.


I left Eileen to enjoy the spectacle, and I decided to have a look around.


I met the Police horses I saw on my last visit!

   Wow, it’s high up here – but not as high as the swimming pool!


I stopped for a well earned rest!


Then a coffee and a bun!


The next day we were on the train heading for home.

Eileen and I spoke for ages about all the exciting things we had to tell everyone back home!

Thank you for taking me Eileen, I had a wonderful time!


My Visit to The London Olympics 2012

Ray Walker, a local man, was successful in his bid to be a Steward in the London Olympics and I was so excited when he invited me to go along
and give him a hand!

We said farewell to the congregation of Queensferry Parish Church, when Ray was on ‘Door Duty’. I’m all ready with my scarf, badge and flag!

My first view of the Olympic Stadium. There were lots of ‘Games Makers’
on their way to the workforce check in.

My first sighting of the ‘Orbit Tower’. What is it meant to be? It looks like a giant Helter-Skelter! Can I have a ‘go’ please?

I am taking a moment to shelter from the sun, about to take up my first duties at Bridge ‘D’, welcoming spectators! Maybe I should take off my ‘hoodie’!

My first view inside the Olympic stadium. The Olympic flame is on the far side, by the announcement board and screen.

 With my new friends!
We were a happy gang and spent many happy hours as ‘good friends’!

I was taking a well earned nap while Ray and our ‘Games Mates’ took a rehydrating break!

The biggest McDonalds in Europe, three stories high – the building I mean, not the burgers!

Some people will do anything to avoid paying for parking!

Two friendly mounted police officers. The horses were brilliant with such a large crowd around them!

I was thrilled to see the Queens Royal Barge, with the Aquatic Centre in the background. I’m not going for a swim!

Some lovely ladies – they were a group of Games Pastors who kindly gave me a lovely pin badge – “Thank you ladies, your kind words were much appreciated by Ray and myself, after yet another long hot shift!


I met two spectators who dressed for the occasion and I got quite close to ‘Wenlock’, one of the Olympic Mascots!

I took a photo of my friend Ray at the Olympic Stadium. He looks happy!

This is one of the high speed trains – ‘Javelins’, we used to travel from St Pancras to Stratford International. We even travelled on the ‘Sir Steve Redgrave’ but sorry no photo, it was moving too fast -haha!

Day Three in the Olympic Stadium, what an experience!

I managed to get a ‘close up’ look at the Olympic Flame!

Thank you Ray for the experience of a lifetime! I will remember it forever!!